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YourProp Capital

YourProp Capital is a dynamic property investment fund specialising in residential property ventures. With our team of experienced investment professionals, we provide expert guidance and tailored solutions to help investors achieve maximum investment returns utilises Australia’s most reliable asset class: real estate.

At YourProp Capital, we understand the unique dynamics and potential of the residential property market, by offering a diversified residential property investment fund on completed property assets – not future, to be developed high density ‘off the plan’ properties with the potential risk of budget blow outs and settlement issues.

Our knowledgeable investment professionals bring extensive experience and a deep understanding of the industry to each engagement, ensuring that our investors have access to the resources and protection to achieve their individual investment goals.

We specialise in connecting investors with high-potential residential property opportunities providing fixed monthly returns and long term capital appreciation via secured residential shared equity ownership allocations.

Whether you’re embarking on your first investment or you’re a long term sophisticated investor, YourProp Capital can help you achieve your investment aspirations within the residential property market with structured and compelling investment offerings, and facilitate successful capital growth opportunities.