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YourProp Shared Equity

Are you looking to get out of the rental rut? Or buy your next property but don’t have enough of a deposit?

YourProp’s shared equity program allows eligible home buyers to purchase a property with a smaller, or even no deposit by having a third party (called an equity partner) contribute some of the deposit. In exchange, the equity partner receives a portion of future equity when the homeowner sells the property or refinances. 

It’s so hard to buy a home, we know. On average it takes:

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As the home buyer, you will take out a loan proportion to around 80% of the total property price and the equity partner provides the capital for the other 20%.

Overtime you can purchase more equity from the equity partner and achieve full ownership of the property.

Through the shared equity model, you have a home loan up to 80% of the property value, helping you avoid costly LMI and higher loan rates when borrowing 90-95% of the property’s value. This system reduces your home loan risk in the eyes of the lender so you don’t need a traditional deposit.

For the portion of the home you own, you will make mortgage repayments to the participating lender. Meanwhile you will also pay a small “rental” fee of 6.5% p.a. paid monthly on the deposit amount. This is a fixed rate for the 10 year period or however long you use it for.

"Thanks to YourProp we were able to own our dream home with a very small deposit and make it a reality. It's been an amazing.’ experience!”

Sujit & Rekah, QLD


If you have regular income, a good credit history and the ability to service a housing loan we can conditionally pre-qualify your application and start the process with you. Some properties may also be available with a $0 deposit.
The equity share can be purchased back at any time, either in pieces or the full amount. At the time the home owner wants to purchase, an external valuation is completed, and the price of the equity is calculated as a percentage of that value.
There is a 10 year time limit on the equity share ownership which can be renewed for further 10 year periods in the future.
The home owner can sell the house at any time. The mortgage is paid off and the equity share is paid back as a percentage of the sale price. The homeowner keeps anything remaining.
YourProp has a selection of properties from apartments to townhouse to house & land packages, you can purchase any of the qualified YourProp property’s as your home with this equity share model, once your bank has approved you for a housing loan. Visit our property page to view your new property here (add link).
If you are eligible for any government help to purchase your home, you can still use that with this shared equity model. This doesn’t affect any First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) that you maybe entitled to.
YourProp will assist you with every step of your buying journey. We have mortgage brokers who specialise in this model and they will help you with your finance approval.